The Explorers

Written by Miao Hang / translated by Little Cherry /proof read by Cameron

The explorers march forward courageously!

The biggest secret in the universe is life.

The secrets of life determine its everlasting charms, which have preoccupied and driven many spiritual cultivators since the Archean era when looking for ways of reaching immortality... People believed their endeavours were useless...

However, it’s hard to imagine the wave upon wave of forerunners with seemingly endless successors exploring and researching life.

People are used to seizing the day to enjoy their limited life, but explorers devote their lives merely for exploration.

What is life?

Exploring life is like Kua-Fu chasing the sun, however, those determined spiritual cultivators still charge forward working on it very hard following along the ecliptic, solstice and equinox, looking for the secret in the twelve zodiacs and dreaming that they could figure it out...

Where does life come from?

Where does it go in such a hurry?


This method, ultimate, unfathomable and subtle

Throughout myriad calamities of reincarnation, it’s hard to run into

Today I hear and see this; I accept and maintain the faith

I am willing to decipher Tathagata true meanings

--Tang Dynasty, Wu, Zetian


The Life Sciences of the Universe, written by Monk Miao-Hang of Taiping Tianshi Temple, is a legendary booklet. The content is all inclusive and comprehensive, including theologies, religious studies, chi-gong studies and scientific hypotheses.

The content first points out why humans need spiritual ascension, then it draws out the topics of the life on earth, origin of life in universe, the immortality of life forms, and the timeliness of life phenomenon.

The article points out the blindness and feasibility of religious practices and chi-gong practices based on the hypothesis of life sciences of the universe. This booklet is a rare treasure for those who practice spiritual ascension in various religions and for chi-gong practitioners.

There is one important theory in the article. It points out the living body has the energy levels which are categorized into 12 positive (12) and 12 negative (12) different energy levels. Actually, the spiritual ascensions of chi-gong practices and religious practices are to elevate the energy levels of living beings so they can obtain a better form of expression of life.

For this reason, these series introduce the practices, methods and theories of theologies, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, yoga studies, and chi-gong studies, etc. These also highlight spiritual ascension practices of Chinese theology, the “Jiu Ying Kun Lun Shen Gong” and “Jiu Yang Kun Lun Shen Gong”, and Buddhist Guan-Yin Fa Men Mee Gong.

This series points out important differences between the nature of sciences and religions, and of each superficial characteristic. The nature of the sciences is to study the phenomenon of life, but religious studies focus on the nature of life. Sciences study the carrier of life, also called the host body of life. However, religious studies focus on substance of life, or more exactly the agent of life.

The differences in their characteristics are that sciences are not affected by psychological factors. However, religious studies are if you believe it, then it is; if you don’t, then it isn’t.

This series further point out the characteristics of chi-gong studies: “If you do not believe it, then it doesn’t work.” Therefore, chi-gong belongs to the field of religious studies, not of science.

The theory of speed of light constant field is mentioned in the series; the series also mentions UFO is from two different places.

The series also involve tremendous amount of legends of deities and not many people know about these legends.

Hong-Chun. December 27, 1994.






















为此,丛集介绍了神学、佛学、道学、巫学、瑜伽学、气功学等等的修持方式、方法及理论,并重点介绍了中国神学修炼功法,即“九阴昆仑神功 ”和“九阳昆仑神功”,以及佛门观音法门密功。






宏纯 一九九四年十二月二十七日

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